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Botanical Anatomy

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Botanical Anatomy

It surely is a visual feast when fashion and floral design intersects, and such is the case for Botanical Anatomy.

Jean Phillip Dyeremose, the Danish fashion designer of the eponymous label, and Julius Værnes Iversen, creative director and founder of Tableau, a multi-disciplinary design, art, and flower studio in Copenhagen, curated a limited-edition fashion collection that champions the art forms that they are a master of.

“Collaborating with a fashion designer has always been a big dream of mine. Atelier Jean Phillip is a perfect match because of its couture expertise and original creative mindset,” says Iversen on his creative collaboration with Dyeremose. “Making collaboration with Tableau has always been something that felt natural to me. Flowers and humans are living organisms that are somehow similar in anatomy and aesthetic, both strong and fragile,” Dyeremose adds.

The collection which features 11 genderless pieces with sharp cuts, multi-layering, and aerial splits, is hand-sewn using earthy-toned fabrics of linen, cotton, and cashmere. Each piece of garment is intricately designed with one or several printed images on white linen – cut and sewn with rough edges.

“The storyline behind Botanical Anatomy is to emphasize the similarities between the human body language and the movement of flowers,” Iversen explains. “The collection is free and flowy as humans and nature are supposed to be,” adds Dyeremose.

The pandemic didn’t stop Denis from furthering his career; he continued training and gave quality performances in two competitions in July, where he won.

“It was an honor for me, and I would be very pleased if it inspired and motivated some students to play sports. It was also a kind of satisfaction and confirmation that I did something,” Denis said.

Botanical Anatomy is available at Tableau in Copenhagen. For more information about the collection, visit and

@atelier_jeanphillip @tableau_cph on Instagram

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